Blush CryoPen™ Cryosurgery treatments


NHS doctors surgeries in the UK may have stopped offering treatments for benign skin conditions, but that doesn't mean there are no options when it comes to removing uncomfortable or unsightly skin blemishes.


At Blush Face & Body our technicians are full qualified to offer CryoPen™ Cryosurgery treatments, complete with an expert consultation process for complete peace of mind (following your preliminary discussions with a GP).

The CryoPen™ is a groundbreaking cryotherapy device endorsed by both the FDA and CE, facilitating the swift and painless elimination of a variety of benign skin irregularities such as skin tags, age spots, cherry angiomas, warts, moles, verrucae, and milia.


The device operates by releasing a highly pressurised stream of ultra-cold nitrous oxide. Its unique compression cooling technology ensures precision, thereby avoiding harm to adjacent healthy tissue.


The CryoPen's cryotherapy process is not only expedient and essentially pain-free, but it's also sufficiently safe for pediatric use.


Each session lasts around 20 minutes, inclusive of the consultation, and each skin anomaly takes approximately 5-25 seconds to treat.


Prices start at £60 - You can book below or contact us at the salon on 01992 55 88 78 to discuss your requirements.

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