Blush Laser Hair Removal



Our new Diode Laser hair removal system is specifically designed to remove unwanted hair quickly and comfortably. This is an advanced, new-generation system that works with all skin tones. It provides a safe and effective way of removing hair on nearly all parts of the body. Using gentle pulses of laser energy, with integrated cooling system, performs a pain-free treatment that gently heats targeted hair follicles until they can no longer produce new hair.


What’s the difference between diode laser and IPL treatments?

The new-generation advanced diode laser hair removal system works on all hair colours and skin tones where IPL has been unable to treat. IPL is ineffective at treating coarse, thick hairs, dark skin tone or pale hairs. 


How does Laser Hair Removal work?

When the light energy of a laser is targeted at the root of the hair cell, the cell overheats and damages the root. It depends on the stage of growth that the hair is in, but it is probable that the hair will not regrow. 


Is laser hair removal permanent?

Everyone is different and people react differently to laser hair removal. Typically, most people still see a 75% reduction in hair growth two years after a full laser hair removal treatments, the remainder can be treated with a top up session.


Is Laser hair removal better than waxing?

It’s less painful and more comfortable and the results more permanent. Unlike waxing, you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow back in to have another laser hair removal session.


How long will it take for me to be hair free?

It typically takes a course of six treatments for permanent hair reduction. Treatment times are between 10 and 45 minutes depending on the area. You will need to wait 4-6 weeks between treatments to give your hair follicles the opportunity to recover enough to absorb the light energy. 

Our Prices

All £19 

Centre of brows 



Naval pubic line




All £25





All £30

Sides of face

Front of neck

Chin and jaw line


All £50

Full face




All £60

Full face and front of neck 


Brazilian - including navel pubic line 

Hollywood-including navel pubic line 

Lower back 


And more...

Underarms £40

Half leg - including feet £90

Full leg – including feet £120

Full arm – including hands £70

Chest and stomach £90

Back and shoulder £100.

Back & shoulder, stomach & chest - including back of neck £170 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Diode Laser Hair Removal?

A diode laser has the power needed for faster treatments and can deliver each pulse at a rate faster than IPL. The best part? Diode laser treatment is effective on all hair and skin types. 


Does it hurt?

No. You should not feel any pain during your treatment.  It’s much less painful because it simultaneously utilizes a cooling technology to help reduce the prickling sensation.


Can you shave/wax between sessions?

Yes, you can shave between your appointments but you must not wax. You can’t wax between appointments because the hair needs to remain in the follicle for the laser to deplete it.


Can you treat more than 1 area in 1 appointment?

Yes, we can treat multiple areas in 1 appointment. Some areas will have different lengths of time between treatments but we can group them together where possible.


Can I have my treatment if I have a tan?

Natural tan, yes but UV sun exposure needs to be avoided for 4 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your treatment.


Fake tan, no. This needs to be removed 2 weeks prior to your treatment and not reapplied for 7 days after.


Do you treat men



How many sessions do I need?

Diode laser hair removal can be permanent following a course of treatment customized to your needs and hair type. Since not all hair is in a growth phase at the same time, it may be necessary to revisit certain treatment areas to permanently remove hair. A minimum of 6 sessions is advised to achieve the best results.


Will I be completely hair free?

Laser cannot guarantee 100% hair removal. Results vary but after 6 sessions, you can be up to 90% hair free.


Book a consultation

You will need a full consultation and patch test to all areas to be treated. We can book you first appointment also at this time. 


Please don’t shave the area before your patch test. After seeing how you react to the patch test, we will confirm your first appointment. 


Before each treatment, you will need to shave the area.


For more information about any of these treatments, simply call us on 01992 55 88 78.

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